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Your Email Settings Have Been Changed! | Mother Lode Internet

Your Email Settings Have Been Changed!


You may have received an email stating that we (your internet provider) have made some changes or updates to our email server and that we need to collect some information from you–name, username, password, and maybe some personal info.  These are ‘Phishing’ scams; aptly named because they are figuratively ‘dropping a line’ into your email to see if you’ll bite.  Some have you reply to the message with your information, and some have you click on a link where you type it in.  Here are some examples:

From: “Goldrush Webmail” <>
To: (Recipient List Suppressed)
Sent: Tue, 06 Nov 2012 08:59:30 +1200
Subject: Dear GOLDRUSH.COM  Account Owner

This is to urgently bring to your notice that due to a recent server migration, your email address was affected as it was hosted on our outdated and discontinued servers.You are advised to manually migrate your email account to our latest servers to prevent loss of email messages.This process will only take a minute to complete and it is highly recommended you do so now.

To fix this problem, kindly do the following

1. visit www.servermail12 .net
2. Input your code which is: server203
3. Login with your email and password

Kindly follow the above steps and be sure to enter your email password correctly to enable the problem fix successfully.

Failure to complete the above process within the shortest possible time will result in both inbound and outbound failures on your email.This will prevent you from sending or receiving email messages.

Thanks for your understanding.
Webmail Admin Team


From: “Goldrush Support!” <>
To: <undisclosed-recipients:>
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2012 12:20 PM
Subject: Account Update!

> Dear account owner,
> We are currently upgrading your Goldrush accounts with the following
> new and advanced features to help you enjoy your emails even better:
> Spam Protection,
> Unlimited storage
> Offline access with POP
> Unlimited New Filters/junk protection
> Live Customer Care
> Unlimited Mail Forwarding
> New Address Guard /Disposable addressees.
> Unlimited Web2sms
> All users must Click on the link below for confirmation and upgrade.
> https://docs.<removed for security>
> Note: Account owner who refused to upgrade will lead to deleting of
> account permanently from our data base.
> Submitting this, your account will be upgraded with all new features
> within 24 hours.
> Inconveniences Regretted
> Regards
> Goldrush Webmail


Notice that the email was sent from an address which is NOT associated with our company.  In all likelihood, it was sent from a user who fell for this tactic and gave up their username and password.  Also, nearly all of these spoof emails have spelling and/or grammar mistakes that are easily noticeable, such as “Account owner who refused to upgrade will lead to deleting of  account“, “to enable the problem fix sucessfully” or they’ll use out-0f-place wording like “Inconveniences Regretted” and “This is to urgently bring to your notice“.  Not all of us are high-and-mighty around these parts!

The absolute best defense against these Phishing scams is common sense.  Why would the company that created your email address, username, and password, need it?  The answer is simple:  We don’t.  We already have your email information.  Consider the consequences, as well.  Would we really just delete your email address because you didn’t reply?  Of course, not.  There would be some serious lawsuits out there, since many businesses use our system for their everyday messaging.

Also, it is important to remember that any time we release a mass email to our customers we’ll include our name and contact information–phone number, address, email address–to let you know that it’s valid.  This information isn’t included in the false messages, above, for a reason!

If you do have questions, or are unsure about a message, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Stay safe!


J. Hightower
Technical Support Team
Mother Lode Internet


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