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e-mail with subject “Re: danger!” | Mother Lode Internet

e-mail with subject “Re: danger!”

If you have received an email with the subject of "Re: danger!", please be aware that it contains a virus in the attachment. The body of the text states the following:

i work in a private detective agency. my name is not important now.
I’m warning you that i’m going to watch you and monitor your telephone line.
Do you want to know who paid for shadowing you? Expect my next e-mail.

P.S. I know, you don’t believe me. But i think that the record of your yesterday’s telephone conversation will assure you that everything is real. The record is in archive. The password is 123qwe"

The attachment name is call234.rar. Please do not open it, this contains some sort of MP3 file that includes a virus. More information to come when it is available.

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