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Calls from Microsoft

You may receive a call from Microsoft (or may have, already), saying that your computer is infected with malware or a virus, or that there are errors.  They’ll mention that they can walk you through the process, or that they will remove them for a fee. Another company called iYogi, which claims to be ‘Technical Support’, runs you through a similar process. iYogi will have you install software on your computer which allows them access. Both of these companies (along with a handful more) are under investigation by the FTC and actions have already been taken against them for taking advantage of uneducated users. They will point out ‘errors’ on your computer and claim that only they can fix them. If you don’t buy into their product, they’ll claim that these errors will destroy your computer.

DO NOT continue this call–these people are fraudulent!  It is not likely that Microsoft will EVER call you, unsolicited.  Most of these scams are run out of India, although, on a Caller ID system you’ll see a local telephone number.  Sometimes, they sound pretty convincing–however, they’re only after either your money or your personal information.  Some of them, instead of removing the malware they claim is corrupting your system, install malware of their own to collect information.

The absolute best defense against these types of fraud is your awareness and common sense.  Keep in mind that big companies do not normally call you, completely out of the blue, to give you free service.

If you receive a call of this nature, and you suspect that something isn’t quite right–your instincts are telling you something.  First, ask yourself a few questions:  “Why someone would want my personal information?”  “What they could do with it?”  Try doing this before trusting someone over the phone with your credit card or personal information.  If the answer is ‘I don’t know’, you should reconsider giving it to them.

Stay safe!


J. Hightower
Technical Support Team
Mother Lode Internet


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