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Setting up your Telenational email on an Android phone or device

  1. Find Accounts.  Select Add Account at the bottom.
  2. Choose Email.
  3. Enter your email address, password, un-check ‘Automatically Configure account’, then hit Next.
  4. Select Incoming Server and type ‘mail.<domainname>’ (ie in the Server section.  Then, select Advanced Settings.
  5. Verify that ‘Use secure connection’ is un-checked.  Change the ‘Use secure password’ section to Never, and make sure that Authentication is set to Password.  Then, click OK, and OK once more.
  6. Select Outgoing Server and type ‘mail.<domainname>’ (ie the SMTP server section.  Then, select Advanced Settings.
  7. Change the Port to 1025.  Make sure ‘Use secure connection’ is un-checked.  Under ‘Use secure password’ select Never.  Then, click OK, and OK once more.
  8. You’re finished!
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