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Telenational Spam Filtering

Telenational Spam Filtering

1) Log into your webmail through webmail.domainname (i.e. or

2) If this is your first time using webmail after February 5th 2015 you will be prompted with a choice of what system to view your emails in.  For ease of use and simplicity we recommend you choose Horde.

3) Once inside the webmail click on the blue box at the top that has your email address in it. Select “Email Filters” from the options given

4) Select “Create a New Filter” then type a name for the filter into the Filter Name field (we suggest naming it something simple like “Spam”)

5) Under Rules in the first drop down menu select “Spam Score” and in the second drop down select “is above (numbers only)” then place the number for filtering. This number ranges from 1-10 and the lower the number the more the filtering.

6) Under Actions select “Deliver to Folder” and click “Browse”. Click on the “spam” folder. Then click the “Create” You can always go back through and adjust the number in this rule you have created.

Whitelisting or Allowing Emails

While inside of webmail you will see a folder labeled “spam” (Note: If you do not see a spam folder please call tech support (209) 536-5800). All of the blocked messages will go to this email box. To whitelist a given email you can right click on it in the spam folder and select “whitelist” from the list of options.

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