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Email Support

Choose your email address type, below:

Spam Filtering (Choose your email address type below):

If you already know how to configure your email program, listed below you will find the server information for all three of our mail servers:

  • Incoming mail server:   ‘’    Authentication:  No    Port:  110
  • Outgoing mail server:   ‘’    Authentication:  Yes    Port:  1025
  • SSL:  No  (if you have internet service with Gold Rush at your current location)

  • Incoming:   ‘’    Authentication:  No    Port:  110
  • Outgoing:   ‘’    Authentication:  No   Port:  25
  • SSL:  No (for mobile devices or customers that don’t use Gold Rush for internet)

  • Incoming:   ‘’    Authentication:  No    Port:  110
  • Outgoing (for mobile devices):  ‘’  Authentication:  Yes        Port:  587
  • Outgoing username ONLY:  ‘’ (Ex: would have a username of
  • SSL:  No

  • Incoming:  ‘’   Authentication:  No    Port:  110
  • Outgoing:  ‘’  Authentication:  Yes   Port:  1025
  • SSL:  No


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