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Customer Support | Mother Lode Internet

Customer Support

Technical Support

The Mother Lode Internet Technical Support Team has a variety of accommodating Technicians to assist your computer and internet-related needs.

Advanced Virus, Malware, & Spyware Removal

Simply bring your computer in to us and one of our talented technical support team members will be happy to assist in checking in your computer.

Computer Troubleshooting

Having an issue with your computer that’s driving you crazy?  Bring it in and have us take a look.  Our Technicians do both hardware and software repairs for most PC systems.  Is your computer slow to respond, or are you looking to make a difference in speed without spilling your wallet on a new computer?  Have us give you a quote on upgrading the parts in your current computer, instead.  This can be a cost-effective investment, and sometimes give your computer the ‘kick’ it needs to get the job done quickly.

Network Support

If you have a home or business network that needs to be set up, general maintenance, or even troubleshooting, our Network Field Technicians are available Monday thru Friday to come to you and make sure that your network (and the computers connected to it) is running smoothly and efficiently.

Billing Support

Our experienced Billing Team is happy to answer any and all concerns that you may have with your bill.

For more information, please call us at: (209) 536-5800

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