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T1 | Mother Lode Internet


Mother Lode Internet offers you High Speed access with T1.

The T1 circuit is a dedicated, private line service designed for point-to-point communications. This 1.544 Mbps digital service is well-suited for large organizations requiring high capacity Internet connections.

Features of our T1 Internet Access services include:

  • Direct, dedicated connection to the Internet.
  • Round-the-clock circuit monitoring, priority repair, and customer service by our trained technicians.
  • IP address assignment (Multiple address are useful for on-site hosting of Web, ftp, and mail services).
  • Transfers data up to 50 times faster than conventional analog modems and 12 times faster than ISDN.
  • We purposely designed and built our network with excess capacity to ensure that your traffic moves quickly.


Capacity to provide Internet connectivity to the entire corporate LAN.

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