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In almost every situation where the client (small business or home user) is using 2 or more phone lines (especially where one line is primarily used for fax), ISDN is an ideal solution. Convert the fax line (or other) to ISDN and you get 2 digital phone lines at 64k each up to 128k bonded.


ISDN allows surfing at up to 128k with digital performance offering twice the responsiveness of an analog connection. A digital connection has as little as 1/10 the latency or delay of an analog connection. This means higher throughput, more responsive surfing (latency has a big impact on surfing), faster login (as little as 5 seconds vs 35 seconds). Keep in mind the best 56k modem still uploads at 28.8. ISDN provides full bi-directional throughput (particularly valuable for large document, email, and file transfers).


When ordered and configured right, with the right hardware, the 2 channels/phone lines of ISDN offer the added benefit of ability to surf on one channel (and 64k digital will still blow away any modem) while faxing or calling (in or out) on the other channel. So, now you get a lot more use (as well as performance) out of that old “fax” line.


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