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Acceptable Use Policy | Mother Lode Internet

Acceptable Use Policy

Mother Lode Internet’s (MLI) goal is to provide as unrestricted and satisfying an Internet experience as possible for our Customers.  These common rules are designed to satisfy what the law demands, and to protect MLI and its Customers. We realize this list of rules is long, but we ask that you familiarize yourself with them. The following rules are similar to what you will find at any quality ISP, and are the general guidelines the Internet community tends to deem as good ‘netiquette’. These terms apply to all Mother Lode Internet Customers.

1. Software Piracy

We are required by law to report any criminal activity that we become aware of. This applies particularly to software piracy. Be aware that if it comes to our attention that you are storing or transporting commercial software via our system illegally, we must immediately suspend/terminate your service.

2. Harassment

You may not harass or make threats against another person via e-mail or news or any other electronic media/service we make available. Nor may you impersonate another person. We support your right to free speech, but can’t support you if you abuse others. Depending upon the specific circumstances of any such incident, we may issue a warning, suspend your service, or terminate your account for such activities.

3. Spamming

Spamming is not tolerated at MLI. Sending unsolicited e-mail whether “mass” or targeted is not allowed. Similarly, you may not “spam” or flood Usenet news or discussion groups with a single cross post or many individual posts to multiple groups not related to the topic of your article. Also, you may not use MLI as a ‘drop off’ address for replies to spam mail or spam posts sent from other networks. At our discretion, we may issue an initial warning, or we may terminate your account with no warning, depending upon how many complaints the e-mail or post may generate and our time to deal with it. If we issue an initial warning, and receive complaints regarding further e-mail or posts sent in violation of these terms, your account will be closed without notice or refund.

4. Denial of Service Attacks

You may not mount an attack against our system or any other. This includes mail bombing, “hacking” or attempting to gain root access. MLI charges and collects $285 per hour to undo malicious attempts to damage our network, or attempts to damage other networks via our system.

5. Disruption of Service

MLI assumes no liability for any loss or consequential damage due to disruption of service for any reason including failure of MLI’s Network equipment, or disruption of service or failure of any supporting or upstream provider of service to MLI, including Telco’s, Long Distance carriers, Network, or electrical power providers.

7. Proprietary Information

Making public or providing any of our system files to other persons on the Internet is forbidden.

8. Snooping and Harassment

Do not snoop or disturb other users’ files or directories. Do not harass any of our staff or other Customers.

10. Backup of data

MLI performs regular, scheduled backups, but this is not failsafe and MLI makes no guarantee. If you have something critical to store, we recommend keeping a copy locally on your own computer, in addition to the MLI server. Our backups are designed for recovery from serious system failures – not for recovery of files accidentally or intentionally deleted by users. We may be able to restore files a user has deleted, but there are substantial charges associated with doing so. MLI disclaims any and all responsibility for the loss of, or damage to any Customer data stored on our system, or for any consequential damages related to such loss or damage.

11. Limitation of Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Common sense is the best policy; try not to do things that cause us or other users of our service or the Internet any harm.


Þ      Check returned by the Bank will incur a returned check fee of $25.

Þ     Cancellations must be made before the last day of the billing period, and will take effect on the last day of that billing period.

Þ      Set up and Installation fee is non-refundable.

Þ      All payments are to be made to Mother Lode Internet, 197A Mono Way,  Sonora, CA 95370.

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