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About Us

The need for Internet connections in the Mother Lode region was being ignored by the online companies such as Prodigy, AOL and Compuserve. In answer to that need, Mother Lode Internet was founded in 1994 as the first Internet Provider in the foothills.

Since beginning as a one man operation in the back room of B & D Computers, Mother Lode Internet has grown to provide the connection to the rest of the world through the World Wide Web, free of long distance and toll charges and without the clock ticking off minute-by-minute hourly surcharges.

Mother Lode Internet has grown to provide local jobs, local revenue and connections to thousands of local subscribers. Our commitment to our local community, local businesses and neighbors is priority one in our day-to-day business operations, as is our commitment to providing the very best technology to our customers.

We look forward to serving you. We are confident your Mother Lode Internet experience will exceed your expectations of what an ISP (Internet Service Provider) should be.

197A Mono Way (Just up from Grocery Outlet) in Sonora, CA

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